Help Lava Mae deliver hygiene, rekindle dignity, and unlock opportunity for people experiencing homelessness.

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More Than A Shower

"Being in the streets, it's hard to find a place to take a shower so you can look for a job. Lava Mae has changed our lives. You could feel like you're nothing because you're not even clean, or you could feel like a million bucks because you're showered and ready to go.

They're more than a shower – Lava Mae has become a central part of my community, a blessing. A place I can go where I know I'm safe and there are people who support me, who believe in me, and who are there to help me.

Society can make you feel like they've forgotten you, but Lava Mae makes you feel like you matter. Like you can actually come back and be successful."

~ Albert, Lava Mae guest

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